Global Efforts to Achieve Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important prerequisite for economy and a green attitude towards the environment. Companies, corporations and organizations abide by the principle of efficiency in their energy consumption, to contribute to the global economy of the earth’s natural resources. The number of energy saving systems and respective technologies is soaring, to encompass a plethora of organizations and show their efficiency commitments.

Efficiency with respect to the energy consumed is among the topmost priorities for businesses, governments and individuals alike. Every company and every individual give their fair share for the improvement of economies of countries around the world.

The strife for economy of energy has spread to the building of homes which are more efficient with respect to the energy consumed. They comprise solar systems, tankless water heaters, hot water storage tanks, condensing boilers, etc. The combination of technologies in both new and renovated buildings enables homeowners and companies using these buildings to achieve low energy rates.

There are also competitions the crowning end of which is to award building owners as well as original equipment manufacturers for their important achievements of energy savings as well as savings which are friendly towards the environment. One such award is the EnVisioneer of the Year award presented at the Danfoss competition – a relatively new event launched in 2010. Such awards are given to individuals and organizations that have introduced new products or opened new facilities; those that invest in the upgrading of buildings or systems are also eligible for participation.

In households, the achievement of efficiency by means of suitable systems leads to significant savings in the consumption of water, e.g. for laundering. Water economy is in the centre of attention, together with efficient lighting. The use of compact fluorescent lamps has led to great savings, and people are familiar with the main areas which they should address to achieve savings in their energy bills.

Companies are offered special consulting services which complement their existing achievements in the field of energy saving. Thus their overall value is enhanced for their customers on a global scale, as they optimize their consumption of energy and resources. By means of combining the consultations offered with their experience and expertise in the field of sustainability and energy management, companies form increased efficiency capabilities. The United Nations organization has its foundation specially dedicated to the establishment of global public as well as private partnerships for the promotion of more energy efficient buildings. Thus developing countries have the strategies for the development of efficient and energy economical buildings high on their agenda. Companies that offer energy saving products and services can combine with financial institutions, with property owners, etc., and the adoption of new approaches to efficiency which have already been proved is greatly facilitated.

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